Sylvanas Windrunner inspired Corset made from vegetable-tanned leather & is hand crafted from my own unique pattern, hand molded and carved, painted & sealed to protect the paint and leather. 

The corset is lightweight, flexible & fasten with  leather cord through plated eyelets.

*Made to order

*One piece

*Will be designed to fit your size.

*3-4oz Veg Tanned Leather(several layers)

*Dyed in a color of your choice and treated with a leather  finisher.

*Handcrafted, genuine leather LARP armor

**The price does not include other materials / products in the picture

**Payment plan possible

All of my products are hand designed and hand crafted. So no mass reproductions. Many of my products are a one of kind.

Custom designs available, made to order. Please contact me by email with your design ideas.

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Leather corset

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